Alziarian Haliburton
Artist: Degenerate (No Class Inc.)
City & State: Memphis, Tn
Song: No Class

I want to here more The song has a nice beat and some ok production
behind it. I would like to hear a better quality of the song, and a different
master. I love the triple style of song you guys blended together, rock,
hip-hop, with some funk in the baseline is what made the entire song stand
out to me. Yes you guys have a catchy intro, but from the blend of music you
guys come of as a newer UGK, Big Krit, Swisser House type movement. I
would love to here more of your music though. Never give up on your dream
of making music. I guarantee your time will come because if you guys keep
mixing rock and rap together in this era it will prevail. Think your following in
the foot steps of Ice-T and Run DMC , one of the legendary rappers/rockers
of his time and the illest rap group of there time (RIP Jam Master J). Keep
bringing great music to the table!

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Review Written By: Alziarian H.

(Uk) Tha Unknown
Lock-N-Load Entertainment|Dope South Productions|Work Grind Hustle
Apperal| Making Music Studios
IG: lnl_dsp
Artist: Mistah QBiz2
City & State: Miami, FL
Song: Her Attitude Killed The Roman

When I first hit play and started listening to this song, omg came to mind
because I love the live sound you made from your drum board. I was as clear
as a drummer in the other both with the mic to the drum set. Your voice and
style brings back the funk era which is refreshing as well. Plus your talking
about love and romance just like the old school R&B singers, where one
song would be 7 minutes long because the intro build up was 3 to 4 minutes
by itself. As I continue to listen I heard the beat change up an it added a cool
climax point that you ran with and started talking and little in side the song
again like and old school jam. This song if very refreshing to some whom
loves music in all aspects. 5/5 stars, keep the good music coming! Also this
has great production quality love it.

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Review Written By: Alziarian H.