The station slogan is Demo Spin Radio "Where Everyone Deserves To Be Heard".

Demo Spin Radio (DSR) was created to give anyone radio air time without paying for it. It’s totally free.
There is no catch. You don’t have to buy anything; you don’t have to sell anything, our station does not
make any money from the submitted tracks or works, it’s our way of giving the people a venue to show
their talent and creativity.

If you send your tracks or works to an AM or FM station hoping to get air time, they just throw them
away like they are trash, and there are a lot of online companies that charge people money to submit
their tracks or works to internet radio stations for air time and the cost depends on the number of
stations you want it submitted to. Also there is no guarantee that any of the stations will play or
broadcast their tracks or works, and most don’t for on reason or another.

Demo Spin Radio is not like most other internet radio stations that criticize your submissions to see if
they're good enough or not in their opinion to make their play list, Nor do we make you battle it out with
others only to end up playing the winner, and we don't have any specific time limit on how long your
tracks or works can be unlike most other internet stations that limit you to only 3 minutes per track and
only three tracks. We just play them and let our audience decide if they like your submissions or not.  

DSR is the station so we just cut out the middle man and saved people money. DSR will broadcast all
tracks or works submitted to the station unless the law prohibits it. We don’t judge them, we just
broadcast them. But because of the new Internet radio guidelines on the royalty issues, we will ask
you to fill out , sign and date a single page royalty free waiver, giving all of our stations and url's your
permission to play/ broadcast your submissions. DSR does not broadcast any tracks or works without
a signed and dated broadcasting waiver on file, it protects you and the station.

RP Demo Spin Radio