Shelley Hernandez - Kendall Murray honors me with an
interview on my new show REAL TALK.

Recently I had the honor of interviewing a very well rounded young man you all
may know him from nickelodeons SAM AND CAT show??? This young man
has so much going on it amazing he even had time to do the interview. He was
promoting all his endeavors from a book, to a cookbook he’s writing and all
the way into an upcoming movie he has coming next summer! This young
man was very gracious and extended his young insight and his best advice to
those seeking to get where he has gotten at 13 yrs old. Really awesome
interview it was the first I had done with a young actor & it was great! I’d like to
thank his mother Michelle Murray for gracing me with that opportunity!
Shelley Hernandez- Brandon Christian and Travis Webb
promote their new upcoming web series RAW

I had the pleasure of interviewing these guys along with their Director while
they were on location in Las Vegas! Travis & Brandon took time to do an
interview with me to plug their most recent upcoming web series RAW
ENFORCEMENT. I especially liked the end when Brandon pays homage to
Paul Walker and he also shows his gratitude to me as well. (My favorite part of
the interview) we learned so much about these two and I am looking forward to
seeing more from them. This was the first time I interviewed actors so I was a
little apprehensive u can tell!
Shelley Hernandez- Royal Krown promoting their upcoming
album GULLUM.

I got this interview by a friend of mine. Her boyfriend is in this group and she
thought it would be neat to network. I do have to say this was an interesting
interview! I got to learn what organic music was!! These guys have worked with
some really big names in their career and I can’t wait to see what’s next for
these two fellas! I certainly appreciated the opportunity to have met and
interviewed them.
Shelley Hernandez- WHO’S THE SEXIEST??? Man Septimious
THE GREAT really blew my mind with his interview.

Septimious THE GREAT actually was one of the coolest interviews I’ve done in
sometime. We actually had to do the interview like twice or three times just to
get it recorded! This fella was ever so patient. But each and every time id ever
done an interview with him, I learned so much more about him!! The music is
only 1 part of that man and if u ever watch his videos he explains the whole
story behind them. We really had a wonderful time talking and I enjoy all of his
music on my private playlist!!! He was promoting his single WHOSE THE
SEXIEST which is gonna be a runway fashion hit!!! And it’s an honor to have
gotten to know this fella.